Ok size is given according to the modern bibliometric system on the basis of its height :

- Folio (F°): a book that is more than 380 mm high 
(approx. over 15’’)
- Quarto (4to): a book that is from 280 to 380 mm high 
(approx. up to 15’’)
- Octavo (8vo): a book that is from 200 to 280 mm high 
(approx. up to 11’’)
- Sextodecimo (16mo): a book that is from 150 to 200 mm high 
(approx. up to 8’’)
- Vigesimoquarto (24mo): a book that is from 100 to 150 mm high 
(approx. up to 6’’)
- Trigesimosecundo (32mo): a book that is less than 100 mm high (approx. less than 6’’)
Old prints dimension is given in millimetres, resulting from width by height.

Items can be sent against payment on delivery. 
Clients are charged with forwarding expenses. Forwarding risks are borne by the the customer.

Should part of the ordered items be missing, the customer cannot refuse the delivered ones. After 15 days from shipment complaints are no longer accepted.
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In compliance with article 10 of the Law 675/96 on privacy:
1.  Your personal data shall be treated via manual, informatic and telematic means.
2.  Data treatment is necessary for a correct transaction. As such treatment is partly imposed by tax legislation, the lack of treatment or eventual opposition to it will not allow to start or continue the transaction.
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The place of jurisdiction for any controversy shall be Verona, Italy.

Old prints and books are guaranteed to be authentic and corresponding to description. In case the item differs from description, it will be taken back and the amount of money refunded.

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity containing details as follows:

  1. Title of the work
  2. Technique used
  3. Time
  4. Author
  5. Further explanatory notes about the work.

The Certificate of Authenticity is released according to the Law on Public Security R.D. 18 June 1931, nr. 773.